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Services administration

Rental management 

Financial support - letting and processing of tenancies

Kaufmannische verwalting

Are you looking for expert commercial management for your property?
You are at the right place here. We are happy to take over all the property management activities for your rental and owner-occupied properties as well as commercial properties.

We take on the following services:

• Preparation of profitability calculations
• Ancillary cost analysis and utility bills
• Processing of all rental matters
• New leases and contract negotiations
• Invoice verification and payment transactions
• Dunning and support in lawsuits
• Accounting
• Preparation of documents for tax advice


Technical property management requires a lot of time, work and expertise. We would be happy to assume responsibility for your property for you and relieve you as the owner. We take care of the execution of necessary repair work, which occurs again and again from time to time, and maintain your property. Here, too, we take on the technical property management of owner-occupied and rental properties as well as commercial properties.

We take on the following services:

• Monitoring of the structural condition & preparation of condition reports
• Control of construction measures
•Collaboration with architects, planners and contractors
• Accompaniment from planning to acceptance

•Advice on renovation, modernization, conversion and energy saving measures
• Advance planning of maintenance and repair measures
•Selection of suitable specialist companies and conclusion of maintenance contracts
• Assignment/monitoring of cleaning, maintenance and repair work
•Immediate action in case of emergencies

• Drafting of contracts, conclusion and termination of commercial leases
• Credit check of prospective tenants
•Acceptance and handover of the rental property
• Collection and management of rental deposits
• Monitoring of rental receipt
•Review of rent increase claims
• Assertion of contractually agreed rent increases
•Annual billing of additional costs

•Verification and payment of liabilities of the property

•Review and, if necessary, change the insurance after consultation with the owner
• Claims handling
•Accounting for all income and expenses of the property
• Creation of a maintenance reserve in consultation with the owner Technical tasks

•Regular object inspection and monitoring of the structural condition
•Preparing and arranging for craftsman offers, tenders, offer mirrors
• Keeping track of deadlines (offers, execution of orders, defects, warranty claims)
• Obtaining permits
• Conclusion of maintenance contracts (elevator, heating, roller shutter, pump and fire extinguishing maintenance, etc.)

•Allocation and monitoring of maintenance and repair measures Organizational tasks
• Correspondence with tenants
•Negotiating with authorities, caretakers, suppliers
• Conclusion of contracts (maintenance, insurance, service, supply contracts, etc.)
​• Participation in court hearings, actions for eviction, etc

The management of commercial properties is more extensive than that of residential properties due to the requirements of the various tenants and their different uses. Yield-oriented support and value retention are the top priorities. We offer you the following services, among others:

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